Accent Group NZ Ltd

Accent Group NZ Ltd is a New Zealand owned family company since 1990, making a wide variety of wooden products over the years and now a leading manufacturer and wholesale company for workspace furniture.

Our commercial office desking, storage, reception counters, boardroom furniture and home office furniture ranges, are designed to use our unique manufacturing and distribution skills to provide simple solutions for your workspace.

The capabilities of Accent to manufacture and distribute effectively help architects, designers and specialist furniture resellers that we work through to translate concepts into positive workspaces for clients.


+64 9 4236200

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
121880 Connect 1 Person Zoom Room
121881 Connect 10 Person Meeting Room
121882 Connect 3 Person Meeting Room
121883 Connect 4 person Meeting Room
121884 Connect 6 Person Meeting Room
120358 Ako Ako Bag Storage
120356 Ako Ako Charge and Store
120357 Ako Ako Classroom Hubs
120350 Ako Ako Creation Station
120351 Ako Ako Mobile Whiteboard
120353 Ako Ako Sit and Store
120349 Ako Ako Teacher Station
120352 Ako Ako Tinker Trolly
119675 Block Block Coffee Tables
119676 Block Block Credenzas
119674 Block Block Receptions
117980 Buzz Buzz Bottom Mount screens
117979 Buzz Buzz Free Standing Screens
119660 Buzz Buzz Push-on Screens
117978 Buzz Buzz Side Mount Screens
119663 Buzz Buzz Wavetop Bottom Mount Screens
119661 Buzz Buzz Wavetop Side Mount Screens
117987 Connect 70 Connect 70 Fin Screens
122295 Rapid Credenza
119655 Edge Edge Booths
119656 Edge Edge Bottom Mount Screens
119657 Edge Edge Free Standing Screens
119659 Edge Edge Push-on Screens
119658 Edge Edge Side Mount Screens
119664 Edge Edge Wavetop Bottom Mount Screens
119662 Edge Edge Wavetop Side Mount Screens
117976 Euro Euro I Receptions
117977 Euro Euro II Receptions
121886 Connect Fabric/Acoustic/Glazed/Planter modules
117971 Grid 40 Grid 40 Modular Storage
117963 Mascot Mascot Bookcases
117964 Mascot Mascot Caddys
117966 Mascot Mascot Classic Pedestals
117967 Mascot Mascot Leaner Storage Units
117968 Mascot Mascot Lockers
117969 Mascot Mascot Personal Storage Units
117970 Mascot Mascot Planter Storage Units
117962 Mascot Mascot Storage Units
117965 Mascot Mascot Tambour Storage Units
123108 Rapid Mobile Planter
117990 Modella II Modella II Coffee Tables
121576 Modella II Modella II Frame Table
117974 Modella II Modella II Leaners
121577 Modella II Modella II Mobile Frame Table
117973 Modella II Modella II Mobile Leaners
117975 Modella II Modella II Narrow Leaners
119668 Modella II Modella II Round 3 Leg Tables
117989 Modella II Modella II Round 4 Leg Tables
117988 Modella II Modella II Tables
119669 Modella II Modella II Trapezium Tables
119665 Move Move Mobile Whiteboards
117954 Oslo Oslo Bar Leaners
117960 Oslo Oslo Cabinets
117959 Oslo Oslo Coffee Tables
119670 Oslo Oslo Round 3 Leg Tables
119671 Oslo Oslo Round 4 Leg Tables
117956 Oslo Oslo Round Leaners
117958 Oslo Oslo Seating
117955 Oslo Oslo Tables
117961 Oslo Oslo Touchdown Pods
117957 Oslo Oslo Tri Tables
121885 Connect Phone Booth
121887 Connect Plant Wall
123109 Rapid Planter
123107 Block Planter
122679 Rapid Planters / Static & Mobile
121741 Rapid Rapid hinged door unit
118012 Accent Rectangle Tops
118013 Accent Round Tops
117983 Safe Space Safe Space Melamine Freestanding Screens
117981 Safe Space Safe Space Melamine Push-on Screens
117982 Safe Space Safe Space Melamine Side Mount Screens
119666 Safe Space Safe Space Sanitization Stations
117986 System 25 System 25 Free Standing Screens
117984 System 25 System 25 Side Mount Screens
117985 System 25 System25 Bottom Mount Screens
121703 Rapid Tambour / Planter Storage Unit
121702 Rapid Tambour door storage unit


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