Activated Carbon NZ Ltd

Activated Carbon NZ ltd is New Zealand’s leading company in the production of High Grade Activated Carbon.

ACNZ is a small and highly innovative carbon-producing pioneer company. Being exclusively New Zealand owned, we are the only company in New Zealand producing Activated Carbon from the significant and abundant bi products and waste produced by the forestry, logging and milling industries. All other Activated Carbon in New Zealand has been imported to date.

Activated Carbon is used in water filtration, air filtration. food and beverage manufacturing, cosmetic and medical industries.

There are many different requirements, reasons, processes, and uses for activated carbon. While the uses are quite distinctively different, the advantages are similar; environmentally friendly, resourceful, cost effective and results driven.

Whether it be a home or office water filter system or a large scale manufacturing plant, activated carbon could be the positive solution to your business needs.

Activated carbon is used in nearly all of New Zealand’s prime industries and for a number of different reasons...


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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119687 Activated Carbon NZ ltd Activated Carbon capsules
119688 Activated Carbon NZ ltd Activated Carbon Powder


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