Advance Landscape Systems Ltd

Advance Landscape Systems is a specialist supplier to the landscape and land development industries in New Zealand and beyond. We have been leaders in NZ's plant protection industry since the early 90's.

We offer a large range of products such as:

  • Plant guards/protectors
  • Weedmat/mulch mat
  • Fertiliser
  • Stakes
  • Horticultural fabrics
  • Erosion control solutions
  • Green retaining wall systems

Some are manufacturered in New Zealand for us, and others sourced from specialist manufacturers and suppliers around the globe. We provide value solutions suited to the the difficult and demanding conditions in New Zealand's unique outdoor environment.

Wherever possible, we source and provide products that are friendly and sustainable for the environment.


+64 800 600789

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117566 FiberGuard FiberGuard Plant Protector


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