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ApiLife Limited is a newly formed, family owned and operated beekeeping company, that is focused on the future of Apis Mellifera (European honey bee) genetics around the world. We mix our commercial beekeeping experience with a scientific approach supported by research and data to ensure we are achieving our mission of providing superior honey bee genetics for future generations. ApiLife Limited also specialises in harvesting pure high quality Mānuka honey from remote, pristine locations in New Zealand’s rugged back country, helping landowners to maximise the resources of their property.

Our pure high quality Manuka honey is harvested in remote locations to ensure that our customers only get the best there is to offer. We trace every step of the journey, so you know where every jar of our delicious Manuka honey has come from. Our honey range gets independently tested by New Zealand laboratories to ensure it is what we say it is.

ApiLife Limited pride ourselves on our environmental conservation efforts, by planting native species to help regenerate our ecosystems, generating native shelter belts and riparian planting. All of which, helps wild life to flourish by providing food and shelter, providing clean water ways, and helping to prevent land erosion. We also plant exotic species to promote a variety of pollen and nectar sources for honey bees, ensuring they get all the amino acids and protein they need to stay healthy. To help our environmental conservation effort to protect and enhance New Zealand’s ecosystem, through native planting and initiatives, ApiLife Limited will donate $5.00 NZD from all products we sell.




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121586 Manuka Honey 500+ MGO ApiLife Limited Manuka Honey 500+ MGO


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