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GAS Manufacturing

GAS Manufacturing, based in Papamoa, specializes in outdoor enhancements through innovative engineering. GAS stands for General, Architectural, and Specialized manufacturing, showcasing our diverse expertise. Our core competency is in architectural aluminum and stainless-steel fabrication.

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Our Unique Brands

Enclose: Transform your outdoor spaces and hide unsightly home features with Enclose, our top-grade aluminium covers for heat pumps, bore pumps, pool pumps, and council bins. Proudly made in New Zealand by our in-house fabrication company, GAS Manufacturing, these covers combine form and function. Crafted from premium NZ-made aluminium, they feature top-grade stainless steel fasteners and a premium powder-coated finish, ensuring a beautiful, low-maintenance solution that will make your neighbors envious.

Our Enclose Heat Pump Covers are uniquely NZ’s only independently tested to the AS/NZS standard by world-leading ISO Certified scientists. This ensures they not only look great but also maintain the efficiency and performance of your heat pump.

Archishade: Elevate your outdoor spaces with our high-end pergolas, outdoor blinds, awnings, and shades. Each piece is meticulously designed, custom-made, and professionally installed by our team. Explore our offerings at Archishade -

Proudly Local

At GAS Manufacturing, we take immense pride in our local roots and our commitment to quality. We produce everything in Papamoa and aim to earn the "Proudly NZ Made" stamp for Enclose, Archishade, and GAS Manufacturing.



+64 7 2812224

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
122305 Enclose Aluminium Bin Covers
122307 Enclose Aluminium Bore Pump Covers
122308 Enclose Aluminium Gas Bottle Covers
122304 Enclose Aluminium Heat Pump Covers
122306 Enclose Aluminium Pool Pump Covers
123572 Archishade Archishade Eclipse Overhead Blinds
123570 Archishade Archishade Glazed Pergola
123573 Gas Manufacturing Architectural Details
123571 Archishade Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds


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