Aurora Financials Limited

Aurora Financials is a purpose driven award winning Accounting, Audit and Business Consulting practice. We are passionate about helping our global clients and local communities.

We love helping clients grow their business, tell their story better, and achieve best practice. We go beyond just traditional accounting to focus on how we can simplify, innovate, and help clients digitally grow and transform their business.

Aurora Financials works closely with clients and delivers a comprehensive range of advisory, accounting, assurance, consulting and tax services, complemented by deep industry knowledge. By harnessing our industry leading processes and the simplicity of cloud technology, we deliver time-saving, data-driven value which enables businesses to be successful.

We offer impartial advice, we listen, and we care about your business as our own because we genuinely want to help our clients reach their potential.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


+64 22 5005770

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
122884 Aurora Financials Accounting
122883 Aurora Financials Auditing and Assurance
122895 Aurora Financials Budgets and Forecasts
122885 Aurora Financials Business Consulting
122889 Aurora Financials Business Turnaround
122893 Aurora Financials Business Valuation
122892 Aurora Financials Compliance Risk Management
122899 Aurora Financials Consulting
122891 Aurora Financials Corporate Finance
122890 Aurora Financials Digital Transformation
122896 Aurora Financials Due Diligence
122887 Aurora Financials Financial Reporting
122897 Aurora Financials Payroll Preparation
122898 Aurora Financials Startup Accelerator Sprints
122888 Aurora Financials Taxation
122886 Aurora Financials Virtual CFO
122894 Aurora Financials Xero Consulting


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