My name is Andrew Doughty, and I am primarily known as Bonecraft. Bone carving is my specialty and I started carving over 28 years ago. More recently, local Kaumātua have encouraged me to begin working with Pounamu. Hence, I am now also developing my Stonecraft brand. I am an officially registered Artisan with Ngāi Tahu. As such, I am a licensed purchaser and manufacturer of Ngāi Tahu Pounamu. It is a great privilege. 

I do both contemporary and traditional work and have special permissions from several senior Kaumātua to carve certain traditional Māori symbols, and to combine some of these with various contemporary influences. Each carving is blessed, as it is traditional in New Zealand to bless a carving before it is worn.

Each Taonga comes with a detailed description of its meaning and is well presented in a gift box. It also includes a certificate of authenticity. All the work you see is original and handcrafted with love. There is no production line, it is just me working individually with each piece. It’s my wish to create meaningful carvings that communicate inner peace and hope.

Each carving tells a story. 



+64 27 5190724

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116484 Bonecraft Bone Carving Taonga
116485 Stonecraft Pounamu Taonga


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