Braziwi Ltd

Braziwi (Erika is from Brazil and Wallace is a Kiwi) was launched in early 2016 importing Brazilian cotton home decor products from now 139 year old Karsten SA, a leading Brazilian manufacturer of home textile products.  With it's small Auckland based team, Braziwi now also makes and sells its own 'Braziwi' branded finished products such as cushions, beanbags, custom duvet covers and curtains etc. from Karsten's unique, Brazilian cotton based, indoor and outdoor fabrics.



+64 09 2729494

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116477 Braziwi Bean Bags and Bean Bag Covers
116476 Braziwi Cushions and Cushion Covers
116478 Braziwi Custom Duvet Covers
116479 Braziwi Outdoor Bean Bags and Bean Bag Covers
116480 Braziwi Outdoor Cushions and Cushion Covers


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