Cavity Sliders Limited

CS FOR DOORS is the number one cavity slider manufacturer in Australasia, with locations across New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Because our doors are often hidden out of sight in cavities within walls, you may not be aware of quite how many places they are used. 



We have a huge range of cavity sliding systems and related products to choose from, suitable for both residential and commercial applications, including special systems for disabled access and healthcare, automatic cavity sliders and self closing options and acoustically rated cavity sliders up to STC42.



+64 09 276 0800

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
105384 CS Pre-Hung Jambs AluJambs
105764 CS Cavity Sliders AluSealed
111912 CS Door Leaves AluTec
110352 CS Automatic Units AutoCav
106418 CS Pivot Systems AutoPivot
110298 CS Track Systems BarnDoorTrack
110861 CS Cavity Sliders BraceWall
109856 Cavilock CL100 Mortice Lock
104787 Cavilock CL200 Handle
111341 Cavilock CL400 Magnetic Handle
108393 CS Cavity Sliders EasyOpen WC
112919 CS Track Systems FH-CeilingMountTrack
112040 CS Cavity Sliders FramelessGlass
106352 CS Track Systems HeavyDutyTrack
109870 CS Cavity Sliders MidWay
107254 CS Door Leaves NewYorker
107759 CS Cavity Sliders OvertakingDoors
105954 CS Track Systems Partition-TopMountTrack
107293 CS Wardrobe Sliders Premier 2T140
105381 CS Wardrobe Sliders Premier 3T190
107803 CS Cavity Sliders RakingHead
112825 CS Cavity Sliders SlimSlider
107989 CS Cavity Sliders SofStop
110167 CS Cavity Sliders SoundStop
109633 CS Cavity Sliders SpaceMaker
105426 CS Cavity Sliders SquareFormed
109877 CS Cavity Sliders TimberFormed
105864 CS Wardrobe Sliders TopFix 2T90
108730 CS Cavity Sliders Ultimate
105629 CS Track Systems WallMountTrack
105292 CS Cavity Sliders X-RayBarrier


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