Camco Industries Limited

Camco Industries is a manufacturer based in Cambridge, NZ. We design and manufacture in house, a range of Service bodies and drawer systems to go onto/into the back of utes and vans.

We are one of the few manufacturers of this scale who still manufactures in NZ - our competition mostly import the goods. We firmly believe that our approach to local manufacturing and design capabilities sets us ahead in the market in quality, design and supporting the local community.

Like many Kiwi businesses, ours started in the back shed at home in 2005. The first Camco Rolaworx® drawer was drawn with a Biro, on the back of a coffee-stained envelope, on an oily workbench. 8000 drawer units later, the original inspiration behind the drawers remains true - easy access to your tools, and a reliable, long-lasting in-vestment.

We now have a team of 40, and 3 core product ranges - Drawers, Service Bodies and Canopies. Over the years we have played to our strengths of creative engineering and a desire to always do things better, to create the offering we have today. All along, a loyal band of customers and staff have supported us at every step.
Camco is a family business, with a traditional husband-and-wife founding structure. Phil and Ros Blackman found-ed the company to provide a future for their family, and with the idea of providing jobs to the local community. Carl Blackman, their eldest son, joined the business in 2013, and now serves as the General Manager.
Phil and Ros have 3 other children who all work in the business in various roles. New Zealand made has always been the number one priority, and we’re proud to say that it has paid off.
We believe our core strength is Research, Development and delivering a superior product. That’s why our products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty, and why we go to such lengths to provide a quality product range with the manufacturing machine and aftersales support to back up our customers.

Camco have the capacity and experience to supply specialist fitouts for many different industries. Time means money in business, and Camco systems are calculated to save time and also to create efficiencies. (e.g. It has been proven that a Rolaworx drawer system could save 15 minutes per day. This adds up to over 62 hours a year over a 5 day week. Multiply that by your average worker’s hourly wage and see the savings!) Camco’s unique range of fitout products also adds a powerful sense of professionalism to your workforce. Our products create safe and also organised storage solutions in vehicles. Talk to a Camco representative as we can assist streamline specialised trade fitouts for small and large fleets with products to suit and meet budgets within your business.


Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115716 Uteworx Aluminium Flat Decks
123450 Stealth Canopy Aluminium Ute Canopy
115718 Archbox Archbox
115110 Gullwing Service Bodies
115717 Gullwing Toolboxes
115714 Rolaworx Ute Cargo Drawers
115715 Rolaworx Van Cargo Drawers


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