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The thing about skin and health problems is that they prevent you from living your life to the full. We know. Our founder, Robert Davidson suffered from psoriasis and, despite being an enthusiastic man, you'd never find him in a pair of shorts, for fear you'd see the evidence on his knees and legs.

Luckily, Robert was also a beekeeper and a pretty inventive bloke. Determined to find a cream to relieve his psoriasis woes and, convinced that the incredible immunity of the bees might hold an answer, he eventually created the precursor to what we now call our Apis Mellifera Classic Cream, which provided him some long overdue relief.

Not long after, Davidson's was born. Today, we're making a more refined, even more effective range of organic skin care products, along with propolis, a health probiotic, and our very delicious and soothing honey melts. But our mission has always been the same: use the natural goodness of bees and their hives to create products that help solve real problems for real people.

We understand how debilitating and restricting life can be with even minor skin irritations, let alone serious skin conditions or painful dietary sensitivities. Which is why we're committed to providing all-natural products to help relieve the symptoms. Because let's face it, life's too good to be worried about skin and diet conditions.




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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119644 Davidson's Beeswax Car, Wood & Leather Restorative
119637 Davidson's Classic Beauty Treatment
119636 Davidson's Classic Skin Care Cream
119638 Davidson's Hair Conditioning Treatment
119641 Davidson's New Dawn Health Tonic
119642 Davidson's Organic Propolis
119643 Davidson's Original Honey Melts
119639 Davidson's Skin Care Cream
119640 Davidson's Very Sensitive Skin Care


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