Drying Solutions Limited

Drying Solutions Ltd has designed, developed, and built the Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryers in New Zealand using parts and subcontractors in New Zealand. As a New Zealand company and product, support is by New Zealanders.

We have a NZ Patent for the Rexmoi® Dryers. There is always ongoing development and design of the Rexmoi® Dryers – improvements, various sizing, modifying to customer’s needs.

Products can be dried to level required. We encourage trials to ensure our method is the appropriate method of drying for your product.

Various research entities have used the Rexmoi® Dryer for drying various products.




+64 7 5442980

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
121843 Rexmoi Rexmoi Air Tray Dryer


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