JC & H McMurdo

Motorhoming's Best Invention - Dump Mate - Makes It Easy.  The Dump Mate was designed by Blenheim based kiwis, John & Heather McMurdo, who travel in their motorhome " So Easy " .  It is a tapered ABS plastic tube/funnel , made in Christchurch, and It makes the worst job in motorhoming so much easier . There is no splashback or spillage, in any weather conditions.  It is so easy to use, clean and hygienic.  You don't even see the flow of waste, and there is no mess to clean up afterwards. The Dump Station is clean for the next user.   Simply place the Dump Mate in the sewer pipe at the Dump Station, lift and rest your cassette in the scoop in the neck of the Dump Mate, which helps take the weight.  Then raise the back of the cassette, and push the release button to empty it.  Then rinse and repeat, and pop the Dump Mate back in it's bag.  Job done .  The Dump Mate comes in two colours , black or teal, and it has it's own carry bag.  Onve you've used a Dump Mate , you'll wonder how you ever managed without one.



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