Dust & Glow Limited

At Dust&Glow, we create Conscious, Waterless & Minimalist Beauty in a Powder Format.

We took the water, plastic and nonsense out and created sensory formulations for a glowing skin and happy planet!

Our range is waterless, vegan, cruelty free , plastic free and proudly made in NZ.

Adopting a new Beauty routine can shape our planet's future. We all have the po(w)der to make a difference.

Start today !


+64 21 526551

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119841 Dust & glow Powder based Bodywash
119838 Dust & glow Powder based Daily Polisher
119839 Dust & glow Powder based Detox Cleanser & mask
119840 Dust & glow Powder based Shampoo


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