Elastomer Products Limited

With an approach refined over more than 45 years of polymer product design and development, we offer real end to end solution delivery. As leading polymer manufacturing experts, we bring a unique blend of experience, technology and scale to provide high quality, competitive polymer products across a range of applications and industries. We specialise in extruded and injection moulded polymer manufacturing,

Our commitment to innovation means we are constantly striving to find new ways to make a difference and provide value for our customers.  Innovation starts with listening to a customer’s product needs, then exploring the best  approach to deliver the right solution.

 Our dedicated R&D facilities not only helps design new products to solve specific challenges. we’re constantly striving to find new ways to make a difference and  add value for our customers. We are developing  a new range of sustainable polymers made from biodegradable, natural or recycled compounds. Each new sustainable polymer has been created to meet our own vision to be an industry leader in bioplastic technology;

 Whatever it is we deliver for you, it will be of the highest standard. At EPL, ‘quality’ isn’t just a buzzword or a box to tick, we go to great lengths to guarantee it. ISO9001 registered since 1993, we go beyond this, using Net Inspect to provide further transparency across our quality assurance process. 




+64 03 3892125

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119172 EPL PolyCycle Plant Protector


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