Ellis Textiles Ltd

Zhongke NZ is a company located in Dunedin City and the main business is marketing and Distribution of Ellis Fibre Branded product which has a 140 year history in New Zealand. Our main product is New Zealand grown Alpaca products ,specifically Alpaca Duvets. We get all our products made locally with New Zealand Alpaca wool or Sheeps wool.

We supply customers in New Zealand,Australia, Korea and China as well as other countries around the world.







+64 21 372016

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120102 KOO Elite Alpaca Duvets
116482 Ellis Fibre New Zealand made Alpaca Duvets
116671 Ellis Fibre New Zealand made Down Duvets
116670 Ellis Fibre New Zealand made Wool Duvets
120101 KOO Elite Wool Duvets


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