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Equitask simplifies your equine admin, putting the horse first. Your easy to use management software to help with horse profiles, feeds, contacts, reminders, notes, photos, services and more!

Equitask makes it easy to add notes and reminders. Whether organizing a farrier, dentist, vet (or other service), storing notes or sorting feed lists for the tack room. Even just taking some photos of their condition or any injury, Equitask can help!

We have designed a super easy to use horse app to help with your daily equine admin. All info is linked to the horse record, so if you sell a horse, you can transfer the app’s horse record to the new owner. Invite users to share data with a helper or owner, or keep on top of your equine services with the easy reminder system.

As an equestrian family we built what we needed, listening to others about their management problems. Give us feedback and stay part of the journey as you help us develop a valuable tool in your back pocket!

We have even allowed for your loved pet dogs and cats. Hey, they have management needs too!

Equitask is really the story of a family of four combining talents to create a family business that helps equine folk around the globe through an easy to use horse management app.

Sarah is an accomplished rider and has been around the equine scene her whole life. She is a passionate horse enthusiast and spends most days in the paddocks or on the arena in the Waikato, New Zealand at our equine block.

I (Julian) am a mix of tech and engineering and love solving problems. I recently sold my software company of 18 years, freeing up headspace to focus in a new direction.

After talking with Sarah, we decided to make a horse management app and involve the family, my love of tech, their love of horses and our shared love of helping people and working hard.

We have a couple of great kids, a young girl who is horse mad and a great young man who is running a marketing company. Together we plan to listen to our market and make this mobile app a success.




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