Fiery Creations Ltd

Fiery Creations is a proudly NZ owned and operated artisan slumped fused glassware and wall art manufacturer.

Our products are designed and manufactured inhouse to ensure unique high quality products.

We also do graphic design, digital art and character design, digital and large format printing, signage, 3D printing and general product prototyping.

Formerly Maori Boy Glass, this business had around 15 years history supplying NZ giftshops before being purchased by Mark and Linda Wade (mother and son) in 2022



+64 22 0745760

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
123073 Fiery Display Stand Extra Small Beach Timber
123064 Fiery Display Stand Extra Small Satin Black
123068 Fiery Display Stand Extra Small Stained Kauri
123075 Fiery Display Stand Large Beach Timber
123067 Fiery Display Stand Large Satin Black
123071 Fiery Display Stand Large Stained Kauri
123074 Fiery Display Stand Medium Beach Timber
123066 Fiery Display Stand Medium Satin Black
123070 Fiery Display Stand Medium Stained Kauri
123072 Fiery Display Stand Small Beach Timber
123065 Fiery Display Stand Small Satin Black
123069 Fiery Display Stand Small Stained Kauri
123059 Fiery NZ Native Series Fantail MR 300x200
123060 Fiery NZ Native Series Kea MR 300x200
123058 Fiery NZ Native Series Kereru MR 300x200
123062 Fiery NZ Native Series Kiwi MR 300x200
123061 Fiery NZ Native Series Snapper MR 300x200
123057 Fiery NZ Native Series Tui MR 300x200
123032 Fiery Squiggle Map Wall Art 800mm


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