Flare Fires

Flare Fires New Zealand outdoor fireplaces are modular by design, making for quick and easy installation. It also means a Flare outdoor fireplace can be configured to suit your space.

Flare's Outdoor Fireplaces are made from solid concrete, with no steel firebox to go rusty, it means our fires last a lifetime.

All Flare Outdoor Fireplaces are bought direct from us and come with a limited lifetime warranty.


+64 07 5733994

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
122109 Flare Outdoor Fires Deluxe Outdoor Fireplace
122112 Flare Outdoor Fires Executive Outdoor Fireplace
122114 Flare Outdoor Fires Pinnacle Outdoor Fireplace
122110 Flare Outdoor Fires Premier Outdoor Fireplace
122111 Flare Outdoor Fires Prestige Outdoor Fireplace
122113 Flare Outdoor Fires Senator Outdoor Fireplace


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