Foot Supports International Limited

As the original founder of Good Feet Worldwide, Joseph Polifroni opened Good Feet stores in California in 1995 and within five years saw over 100 stores across the USA selling millions of pairs a year.
In 2008 Mr Polifroni created a new company; Foot Supports International, based in New Zealand, to create a better support that was more affordable. FSI’s current international line of Balance Foot Supports is the result of years of development coupled with long experience in fitting and manufacturing orthotics. Its worldwide patented line of Balance Supports solve all manner of posture and balance problems.



+64 09 444 3992

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
106064 Travelfeet Everyday Lift Arch s
104991 Travelfeet Everyday Lift Arch Support
112535 Balance 1 Everyday Lift Arch Support
109342 Balance 1 Power Lift Arch Support
106909 Travelfeet Power Lift Arch Support
112302 Balance Relaxer Arch Support
104886 Balance Walker Arch Support
107130 Balance Worker Arch Support


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