Fora Limited

Fora provides refillable, plant-based cleaning products that help to keep your home free from single-use plastic. We created Fora because a better alternative to the overwhelming problem of household single-use plastic was urgently needed. Fora is a powder-based product that creates multi-purpose and bathroom cleaning solutions for the home with the simple addition of water from your tap. Our beautiful, refillable aluminium bottles are designed to be kept, while the sachet your powder arrives in is returned to the earth, made from fully home compostable materials. Fora is a female-led, New Zealand owned and operated company. We are on a mission to make a positive social and environmental impact by providing a trustworthy source of household products with a focus on safe ingredients, presented beautifully, in a format that supports a sustainable, circular economy. For a clean home, for a cleaner planet, for a better tomorrow.
Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120727 Fora Bathroom - Refillable Plant-Based Cleaning
120726 Fora Multi-Purpose - Refillable Plant-Based Cleaning


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