Frank Risk Management Ltd

Frank was founded in 2008 armed with a vision to disrupt the NZ insurance market.  We compete against a market dominated by international brokers that claim to be 'New Zealand's Insurance Brokers' and 'NZ's Local Insurance Brokers', all the while repatriating huge profits to their head offices in Illinois, Sydney, NYC & London etc. 

Our aspiration was always to provide full disclosure insurance as we believe business owners have a right to know what they are paying for, so established our 'no hidden income' business model.  In 2008, income transparency was a radically different approach to traditional insurance broking, and we think its worked out well for our clients.  Add our technical expertise and industry experience to the mix and our service is hard to beat. 

Insurance claims are an area where we set a higher standard in the industry.  In many cases, we have had claims paid where other brokers have failed.  We have a reputation for fighting hard to ensure our clients get the best possible claim settlement.  No compromising. 



+64 7 9035000

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117950 Financial Services Financial Services
117949 Insurance Insurance
117952 Insurance Broker Insurance Broker
117951 Risk Management Risk Management


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