Fuelchief Ltd

Fuelchief is the culmination of over 40 years of quality design, innovative thinking, and construction excellence of storage and management solutions for all liquid fuels.

Launching in New Zealand, Fuelchief has rapidly expanded into successful overseas markets including Australasia and the Pacific. Continually improving, Fuelchief is driven by a desire to make the storage and management of fuel what it should be – safe and hassle-free for all involved.

With ready solutions and support globally, the Fuelchief team are dedicated to customer service, quality production, robust manufacturing and durable solutions. We always endeavour to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Through constant innovation, quality sourcing and expert advice, we provide assurance and support without compromise. We stand behind every product we sell and ensure your experience from enquiry to delivery is streamlined for efficient turnaround.




+64 3 3842380

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
122408 Fuelchief Fuelchief FCAUT250 Alloy Utecube 250L
122409 Fuelchief Fuelchief FCAUT400 Alloy Utecube 400L
122410 Fuelchief Fuelchief FCAUT600 Alloy Utecube 600L
122411 Fuelchief Fuelchief FTC1000-OG On-Ground Farm Tank 1000L
122412 Fuelchief Fuelchief FTC1050 On Ground Farm Tank 1000/500 Split
122413 Fuelchief Fuelchief FTC1500 On Ground Farm Tank 1500L
122414 Fuelchief Fuelchief FTC1550-OG On Ground Farm Tank 1500/500L Split
122415 Fuelchief Fuelchief FTC2000-OG On-Ground Farm Tank 2000L
122416 Fuelchief Fuelchief FTC3000 Double Skin On Ground Farm Tank 3000L
122474 SuperVault Fuelchief SuperVault Cylindrical Series 4 Hour Fire Rated Tank
122473 SuperVault Fuelchief SuperVault Rectangular Series 4 Hour Fire Rated Tank
122475 Vanguard Fuelchief Vanguard Cylindrical Series Double Skin Tank
122476 Vanguard Fuelchief Vanguard Rectangular Series Double Skin Tank
115554 Sebco Sebco 1000 WOR Industrial Waste Oil Recovery
115556 Sebco Sebco 1250C Chemical Station (1250ltr)
115549 Sebco Sebco 1300B Blue Station (1300ltr)
115546 Sebco Sebco 1300D Diesel Station (1300ltr)
115555 Sebco Sebco 2000 WOR Commercial Waste Oil Recovery
115550 Sebco Sebco 2300B Blue Station (2300ltr)
115547 Sebco Sebco 2300D Diesel Station (2300ltr)
115551 Sebco Sebco 4800B Blue Station (4750ltr)
115548 Sebco Sebco 4800D Diesel Station (4750ltr)
115545 Sebco Sebco 500TT Transportable Diesel Tank (475ltr)
115553 Sebco Sebco 9500B Blue Station (9500ltr)
115552 Sebco Sebco 9500D Diesel Station (9500ltr)


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