FunDiggityDog Limited

These durable and aesthetic premium toys have been made to appeal to dogs and owners alike, whilst doing their best to be sustainable, biodegradable and friendly to our native NZ Birds and Flora. A renewable resource! 🌱 

Utilising ‘introduced pest’ leather and fur (possum, wallaby and rabbit), strong wool, hemp and flax to create an irresistible canine toy.
A fur baby for your fur baby 🐕

Triple core bonded with exceptional durability fabrics and double stitched for added strength, each toy also has the option of being either ‘squeaker-free’, or you can choose for it to contain noisy squeakers individually hand sewn into hemp pouches for extra protection from sharp little teeth. Stuffed entirely with scoured NZ Cross-bred wool, no nasties here. 
Dogs just adore! 🐕🥰🐾


+64 21 1436611

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119833 FunDiggityDog Baby Shark
119831 FunDiggityDog Fluffybum Lamb
119830 FunDiggityDog Giant Bone
119829 FunDiggityDog Large Bone
119832 FunDiggityDog Orange Roughy
119828 FunDiggityDog Small Bone
119834 FunDiggityDog Trout - Rainbow or Brown


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