Functional Whole Foods New Zealand Ltd

Waihi Bush Organic Farm is a NZ owned and operated health food manufacturer specializing in organic omega products. Our brand has been known throughout NZ for over 25 years, appearing on Country Calendar in 2008, and is still owned by it's original founder David Musgrave. 

Our flagship product is Flax Original; an organic flaxseed oil which is superior in taste and omega 3 content.  We contract NZ organic growers at a premium over importing certified organic seed.  We have made the decision to only bottle and sell NZ grown flaxseed in our flax original product.  Bottles are manufactured in Christchurch and lids in Australia, keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. 

We are certified through BioGro and are registered as a food product with a full food control and HACCP plan.  We have a retail outlet in our home town of Geraldine to showcase of product range.



+64 03 6939845

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119537 Waihi Bush Organic Farm Flax Original
121321 Waihi Bush Organic Farm Flax Original Capsules
122248 Waihi Bush Organic Farm NZ Grown Flax Fibre Original
122247 Waihi Bush Organic Farm NZ Grown Hemp Seed Oil


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