New Zealand Natural Soap Limited

Here at Global Soap we enjoy making personal care products that make a difference to your skin, hair and wellbeing. As a boutique business, each product is made by us from start to finish using quality ingredients so you can indulge in handcrafted luxury, everyday. 

We’re all about hand crafted, affordable luxury – every day! Not only will your skin be cleansed, hydrated and rejuvenated via the application of our sumptuous soap bars, you will be at peace knowing your waste water is free from any toxic nasties often contained in traditional multi national branded soaps utilized to enhance shelf life and maximise profit margins. Small batch soap making using the centuries old cold process method, ensures a superior lather without compromising an extended life cycle. Add in various combinations of butters, oils, honey, clays, silk, petals, textures with a kaleidoscope of essential and fragrant oil scents, there is a sensory experience for every mood or disposition.


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