Green Goddess

Green Goddess natural eco friendly laundry powders, natural cleaning products and our body care range have been carefully formulated with a focus on quality, sustainability and value for money. From sourcing through to packaging and shipping, every step has been considered with you and Mother Nature in mind.

All of our natural eco friendly laundry, cleaners and body care products have no toxins to aggravate allergies or hinder the immune system. There are no harmful substances to leach into the environment when you use Green Goddess laundry, cleaning and natural care products. Even our baking soda is mined, not man made like most in the world today. All paper packaging is home compostable.  Liquids have glass options so these natural products have less impact on the environment.

So whether you want anything from an apple cider vinegar recipe, to washing soda or anything in between, at Green Goddess we have a product that is value for money and friendly to the planet.



+64 9 3908182

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116698 Wendyl's Green Goddess Limited Laundry Powder
116700 Wendyl's Green Goddess Limited Natural-San Soaker
116699 Wendyl's Green Goddess Limited Premium Soda Ash


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