GreenKiwi Olive Leaf Supplements

Apart of the lion foundation young enterprise scheme (YES) GreenKiwi supplements makes olive leaf dietary supplements in a range of formulations including liquid, tea, and VEGE capsules. Marketed under the name of OliveXtract and ImmuniTEA. GreenKiwi supplements is the first New Zealand Grown and made olive supplement.

GreenKiwi olive supplements are made using Bioavailable New Zealand grown olive leaves containing essential compounds for the body's health.

Within the olive leaf there are twelve different phenolic compounds that all play different roles in supporting the bodies health. high in antioxidants, antimicrobial, gastroprotective, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory properties. GreenKiwi OliveXtract and immuniTEA supports the body in a natural balanced way. GreenKiwi has formulated various forms of New Zealand olive supplements to best fit into the consumers diet, and life, for ease of consumption.

Supplements with a conscious.

That’s GreenKiwi.



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