Hantz Honey Limited

Hantz Honey is a medium to large commercial beekeeping operation situated 35 kilometers southeast of Christchurch, on the shores of Lake Ellesmere. We operate 3500 hives in the Ellesmere / Mid Canterbury area as a third generation family business, in operation for the last 70 years.

We produce high quality clover honey, provide valuable pollination services, breed and rear queen bees for sale, extract honey, pack and sell honey both domestically and internationally. We operate under a Risk Management Plan No. L0015 and are audited by the Ministry of Primary Industries twice a year.

We produce outstanding creamy clover or runny liquid honey, along with delicious export grade comb honey. We also source and supply the very best honey's including... monofloral and multifloral manuka, blue borage, honey dew and blackcurrant honey.

Our product range includes: 250-500grms; 1kg-2kg through to large catering packs - something for everybody! Wholesale and email enquirers are most welcome.

Our farm shop is located at 31 Lower Lake Road, Leeston  which is open during the week or weekend's by appointment, with cash sales. You can also purchase bees wax and beeswax wraps at our farm shop. Alternatively you can find our products in local supermarkets including: Fresh Choice; Countdown;  New World; PaknSave and some Service Food providers.

Hantz Honey has been providing pollination services around the Ellesmere and Mid Canterbury areas for over 40 years.  Bees in these areas play a major role in the production of blackcurrants, clover seed and of late, carrot and radish seed. We pride ourselves on delivering quality hives on time to the grower for quality pollination of their crops.

Proud to be 100% New Zealand made and owned... in every aspect of beekeeping and honey production!


+64 3 3243885

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116447 Hantz Honey Blackcurrant
116444 Hantz Honey Blue Borage
116448 Hantz Honey Comb Honey
116441 Hantz Honey Creamy Clover
116443 Hantz Honey Honey Dew
116446 Hantz Honey Manuka Honey MG85
116445 Hantz Honey Multifloral Manuka
116442 Hantz honey Runny Liquid


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