Hasan Cosmetics Ltd

Premium natural skin care products. The first authentic and handmade Aleppo Soap (liquid shampoo and shampoo bars) made locally in NZ in its authentic process. Moroccan Soap, Natural Deodorant, Natural Toothpaste, Perfumes, Personal care and home-care products. 


+64 21 541641

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
121417 Lotuz Body balms, body ointments
121416 HEBA Body butter, and body care products
121413 Coconutti Body oil and body scrub
121422 Majestic Equine Shampoo, and Pet Shampoo
121412 Ammara Face Moisturizer Face moisturizer balm
121415 Energizing Facial Scrub, Face Cream, Eye cream, and Anti-aging balm
121411 Hasan Foam Soap Foam soap, Face wash, Body wash, and Hand wash foam soap
121421 Savanna Hair inhibitor balm, hair inhibitor lotion, hair inhibitor spray
121424 Aroha Hair lotion and Hair mist
121423 MR JITSU Muscle rub, Muscle spray
121404 Saba Natural Deodorant
121408 RIBAL Perfume House Niche Perfumes
121420 Pure Psoriasis Ointment
121414 Cyrine Scar ointment and body balm
121403 Hasan Aleppo Soap Shampoo Bars, Liquid Shampoo
121419 Sarab Sunscreen balm and cream
121410 Siwak Toothpaste Toothpaste, tooth soap, and Whitening toothpaste, mouthwash
121406 Moroccan Soap Traditional Moroccan Soap


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