Hayley Benseman

Hayley Benseman’ skin care is a local Taranaki made brand. 

Forged by a hard working young stay at home mum on a budget. With a drive to formulate high quality natural skin care for herself, and then to share these products with women all over NZ.

Hayley likes to incorporate local wild harvested weeds and natives into her formulations, infusing a small piece of NZ into your everyday skin care regime.

We are New Zealand's first ‘mindful’ skin care brand, made for the ultimate self love and enjoyment.


+64 027 5296327

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
118709 Hayley Benseman Calendula & Frankincense Oil Cleanser
116763 Hayley Benseman Calendula K+ Cream
116762 Hayley Benseman Manuka Honey & Calendula Lip Balm
116764 Hayley Benseman Rosy Glow


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