Hemp Connect Limited

Hemp Connect was officially established in 2017 with the ambition to bring change to some of the systemic issues we as kiwis face, first and foremost the health of our people and planet.

Originally operating as a vertically integrated company, Hemp Connect played a key role in developing regional capability in the primary production of industrial hemp. We now have the largest agricultural umbrella in the North Island and will continue to increase this capability as we enhance life across our nation and the world.

With primary production now in full swing, our focus has shifted to processing, education, and innovation.

The team at Hemp Connect have been stepping up a cottage industry ever since 2017 with a team that understands the entire value chain from farm to plate. Hemp Connect is driven by a simple but powerful purpose:

“We want to enhance lives through hemp. Individuals. Communities. Our country. Our planet.”

Will you join us?




+64 06 2102465

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
122403 Hemp Connect Hemp Body Scrub
118274 Hemp Connect Hemp Connect Flakes
122402 Hemp Connect Hemp Face Mask
121324 Hemp Connect Hemp Fibre
118073 Hemp Connect Hemp Flour
122401 Hemp Connect Hemp Hardcake
122398 Hemp Connect Hemp Heart Oil
122399 Hemp Connect Hemp Heart Protein
115598 Hemp Connect Hemp Hearts
119827 Hemp Connect Hemp Husks
121325 Hemp Connect Hemp Protein Plus
118074 Hemp Connect Hemp Protein Powder (43%)
122400 Hemp Connect Hemp Seed Meal
115599 Hemp Connect Hemp Seed Oil
120575 Good Farmers Hemp Seed Oil
118072 Hemp Connect Hemp Seed Oil Capsules
122397 Hemp Connect Hemp Seed Protein
119826 Hemp Connect Hemp Soft Cake


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