Henrietta Soaps Limited

Henrietta Soaps originated in 1984 with the purchase of a secret French Polynesian soap recipe from Henrietta, who was living in Queenstown at the time and was well known for the selling of her soaps and creams to tourists.  This recipe, which had been handed down through generations of her family, was sold to a Dunedin local, in 1984 so she could travel overseas.  He set up business in Manse Street, Dunedin and from there he marketed the soaps and creams to gift shops and garden centers across New Zealand and overseas.  A couple bought the company in 1992 and expanded the range and continued selling both to New Zealand and overseas customers. The current owner, Paul Larson bought the company in 2016 and moved it to Green Island, Dunedin, where it has continued to thrive and expand its reach into new retail stores.




+64 3 4892500

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
122127 Henrietta Crack Free Hand and Heels
122143 Henrietta Farmers Foot Powder
122142 Henrietta Farmers Hand Repair Cream
122141 Henrietta Soaps Farmers Pumice Soap
122128 Henrietta Fresh Feet Foot Powder
122144 Henrietta Hand and Body Cream
122131 Henrietta Soaps Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil Soap
122132 Henrietta Soaps Natural Coconut Oil Moisturising Soap
122140 Henrietta Soaps Natural Dog Shampoo Bar
122137 Henrietta Soaps Natural Jasmine Moisturising Soap
122139 Henrietta Soaps Natural Lemon Scented Shampoo Bar
122138 Henrietta Soaps Natural Lemongrass Moisturising Soap
122135 Henrietta Soaps Natural Soap Base
121518 Henrietta Soaps New Zealand Goats' Milk Natural Soap
122134 Henrietta Soaps New Zealand Hand and Body Exfoliation Bar
122136 Henrietta Soaps New Zealand Natural Lavender Moisturising Soap
122129 Henrietta Soaps New Zealand Organic Honey Natural Soap
122133 Henrietta Soaps New Zealand Seaweed Enriched Soft and Natural Soap
122130 Henrietta Soaps Pure Vegetable Oil Soap


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