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Manufacturing and export of natural health care amenities.




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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
123139 SOELF Acne Treatment for Allergic Skin
122741 ASTEL Aromas and Fragrances
123140 SOELF Blue Tansy Brightening Eye Cream
123134 SOELF Blue Tansy Demelanizing Face Cream
123133 SOELF Blue Tansy Demelanizing Face Serum
123132 SOELF Blue Tansy Demelanizing Face Toner
123148 SOELF Calendula Honey Suckle Relief Balm
123118 SOELF Calendula Manuka Liquid Soap
123131 SOELF Camellia Clensing Oil
123114 SOELF Cypress Deep Clean Shampoo
123143 SOELF Eye Cream for Allergic Skin
123144 SOELF Eye Serum for Allergic Skin
123137 SOELF Face Lotion for Allergic Skin
123138 SOELF Face Mist for Allergic Skin
123136 SOELF Face Serum for Allergic Skin
123122 SOELF German Chamomile Anti-Allergy Serum
123113 SOELF Helichrysum Body Cream
123120 SOELF Helichrysum Perfect Repairing Serum
123128 SOELF Helichrysum Rejuvenating Gel Eye Mask
123117 SOELF Helichrysum Relief Body Wash
123147 SOELF Herbal Ziyun Balm
123111 SOELF Jasmine Oil Body Balm
116701 SOELF Kawakawa Body Lotion
116703 Honey Bunch Kawakawa Olive Soap
123110 SOELF Pine Tar Calendula Relief Balm
123119 SOELF Pine Tar Eczema Relief Body Wash
123146 SOELF Red Wine Brightening Antioxidant Serum
123112 SOELF Redroot Body Cream
123116 SOELF Redroot Eczema Body Wash
123124 SOELF Roman Chamomile Anti-allergy Facial Cleanser
123126 SOELF Roman Chamomile Gel Mask
123125 SOELF Rose Essence Moisturizing Cold Mask
123129 SOELF Rose Moisturizing & Whitening Toner
123121 SOELF Rose Whitening Moisturising Serum
123115 SOELF Rosemary & Cedarwood Shampoo
123145 SOELF S.O.S. Butter
123130 SOELF Sandalwood Anti-aging (Wrinkle)Toner
123127 SOELF Sandalwood Anti-aging Gel Mask
123141 SOELF Sandalwood Wrinkle Lightening Eye Cream
123135 SOELF Sandalwood Wrinkle Lightening Face Serum
123150 SOELF Shea Butter Lip Balm
123151 ASTEL Skin Rejuvenating Candles
123149 SOELF Thyme Soothing Shampoo
123123 SOELF Ylang Ylang Facial Cleanser


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