Kelray Heating 2020 Limited

Kelray Heating is the sole manufacturer of outdoor heaters in NZ. With much of New Zealand towns and cities being coastal, outdoor products need to be built tough to withstand our heavily salt-laden air. Unfortunately for outdoor heaters, this was previously not the case. Recognising the need for a better outdoor heating solution, the Kelray Heating range was born.

Kelray Heaters are the only heaters that are built using marine-grade 316 stainless steel – including all small components such as nuts, bolts, and brackets. Outdoor heaters constructed overseas use the lower grade 304 stainless steel or aluminium which leaves them prone to rapid deterioration when exposed to coastal environments.  Using higher quality materials, Kelray Heaters have built a reputation locally as a durable product that will stand the test of time.

All Kelray Heaters are backed by a 5 year warranty – one of the longest warranties for an outdoor heater in NZ. The Kelray Heating range includes models for both residential and commercial outdoor heating.

Outdoor heaters made by Kiwis, purpose-built for NZ homes and businesses.



+64 21 530962

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120436 Kelray Elements
120427 Kelray Kelray I-20 [2kW] Heater
120428 Kelray Kelray I-24 [2.4kW] Heater
120429 Kelray Kelray I-25 [2.5kW] Heater
120430 Kelray Kelray I-30 [3kW] Heater
120431 Kelray Kelray I-40 [4kW] Heater
120432 Kelray Kelray ID-40 [4kW] Heater
120433 Kelray Kelray ID-50 [5kW] Heater
120434 Kelray Kelray ID-60 [6kW] Heater
120435 Kelray Kelray ID-80 [8kW] Heater


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