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At Kereru Books we publish awesome books for young children that are full of New Zealand natives, beautiful scenery, loads of kiwi style and NZ Made. They suit age up to approx 7 years old. They have short fun 'kiwi flavoured' rhymes with bold easy to read text written by Karyn Wilson, from Christchurch. Paired with stunning bright watercolour illustrations from Christchurch artist Jessica Waters, they have a unique style that you and your child will love reading. Both books have been very popular with schools and preschools as they incorporate some basic te reo Maori words, tips on how to pronounce them correctly and introduce children to some unique NZ natives.

Kereru's BBQ was released in September 2018 and we were blown away with its popularity, selling out the first 250 printed in just a month! It is now in stores, libraries, schools and preschools all over NZ and has been sent all around the world as a gift. It is a fun short story about a hungry Kereru who invites his mates to the bach for a BBQ, based on Banks Peninsula and features all the (well fed) local native birds. 

Peka & Koro - Friends of the Forest is our second book which was released in September 2019. It is a beautiful story about a baby bat (Peka) who goes off on her first big adventure and gets a little lost, but is helped by a wise old Kauri Snail (Koro) and they meet lots of other unique native friends on their journey home. 

Our books are printed at Toltech Print in Christchurch. Written, Illustrated and designed in Christchurch, are books are very proudly New Zealand made!






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