Kind Face Limited

Kind to you, and New Zealand.

The world is a busy and stressful place. Now more than ever people need quality rest, relaxation and recovery.

Looking after yourself never felt so good. We believe in making beautiful products (in our Avondale workroom) that not only feel good to touch, they make YOU feel good.

We use natural and New Zealand made materials wherever possible, sourced through specialist local business. Packaging is kept to a minimum but where required will either be home compostable, fully recyclable or at least reusable for another purpose.


+64 021 845082

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
121603 Kind Face "New Zealand's Cushion Inners" - featuring Cloud Wool
121604 Kind Face "New Zealand's Duvet" - The Premium 350gsm Wool Duvet
121601 Kind Face "New Zealand's Euro Pillow" - featuring Cloud Wool
121600 Kind Face "New Zealand's Pillow" - The Cloud Wool Pillow
121602 Kind Face Cloud Wool Body Pillows
121598 Kind Face Linen Door Stop
121599 Kind Face Linen Draught Stopper
121597 Kind Face Linen Eye Pillow
122500 Kind Face Linen+Wool Sleep Mask
122501 Kind Face Linen+Wool Travel Pillow
121596 Kind Face Natural Heat Pack
121595 Kind Face Weighted Eye Mask


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