Laminex New Zealand

Laminex New Zealand is a manufacturer, distributor and supplier of locally-made and global products for benchtops, cabinets, walls and building products. Our New Zealand-made products include Melteca and Strand by Laminex New Zealand.

Laminex New Zealand has manufacturing sites located in Taupo and Hamilton with distribution centres and sales branches throughout the country.



+64 9 5259000

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120921 Laminex Acrylic Panel
120929 Trade Essentials Lakepine Handipanel
120926 Trade Essentials Lakepine MDF
120927 Trade Essentials Lakepine MDF MRE0
120928 Lakepine Lightboard
121227 SuperPine Square Edge
120920 Melteca Standard
120918 Strand by Laminex New Zealand Strandboard
120919 Strand by Laminex New Zealand Strandfloor H3.1 T&G
120917 Strand by Laminex New Zealand Strandfloor Standard T&G
120922 Strand by Laminex New Zealand Strandsarking
120923 Trade Essentials Superfine
120924 Trade Essentials Superfine MR
120943 Laminex Timber Veneer
121936 SuperPine Tongue & Groove
120944 Trade Essentials Triboard
120925 Trade Essentials Whiteboard
120942 Laminex Woodgrain Collection


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