Learning Spaces Global Ltd

Our kiwi 'family orientated' culture understands the love of nature, which is at the heart of LSG’s vision for salutogenic design being an essential element of learning environments that positively impact children’s well-being, and sets them free to reach their full potential. We believe biophilic elements inspired by nature combined with naturally focused furniture, creates the best balance for calming and stimulating spaces. 

LSG will help you create open-ended learning spaces that allow children to become fully immersed in their cognitive, physical and social development, and freely be themselves. Curious, creative, confident and free to learn. 



+64 03 5442953

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120714 Learning Spaces Global Custom bespoke designer furniture
120713 Learning Spaces Global Lockers and storage units
120712 Learning Spaces Global LSG Natural Plywood Furniture range
120717 Learning Spaces Global Multi cots
120718 Learning Spaces Global Outdorable loose parts range
120716 Learning Spaces Global Starship stools and benches
120715 Learning Spaces Global Starship tables


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