Limber Office Limited

Limber are makers of the world's healthiest desk. Your New Zealand made, sustainably built sit-stand-kneel desk that creates a space efficient office geared for movement and collaboration. Its old school mechanics make it effortless and fast to move up and down, allowing you to stay in flow and take your body through full range of motion. It's unique shapes allow you to improve the employee experience and get more efficiency out of your office space .

Designed by a New Zealand Physiotherapist in collaboration with engineers and designers working with Xero and Trademe, Limber has created the ultimate desk for the office and your body, whatever shape or height that might be. 

Get in touch with the team to sort out your desk and health needs. 


+64 21 0773329

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115862 Limber Limber Desk Block
115861 Limber Limber Desk Petal
115863 Limber Limber Stool


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