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Sustainable Strength – It’s What We Add That Makes the Difference!

MARKHAM produces and provides solutions that extend lifespan of concrete structures.

For over 25 years MARKHAM has encouraged individuals to embrace the challenge and explore new concepts and techniques for reusing, recycling, and minimising waste in the construction industry.

Take the environmentally friendly range of colloidal nano-silica based solutions produced from harvesting minerals from Aotearoa’s geothermal steam, which would otherwise have been released into the environment. When added to concrete at the time of construction, these solutions can increase the life of the concrete structure by up to double the intended design life. And these unique products are SOURCED AND MANUFACTURED IN NEW ZEALAND!

The MARKHAM Vision: To extend the service life of concrete structures, with more environmentally friendly solutions and systems, that give people the opportunity to protect structures today for future generations.

The MARKHAM team is continually researching products and systems that are more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, easier to use and of course innovative for a broad spectrum of construction and infrastructure conditions.


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