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These are a series of books for kids uniquely Kiwi ‘real life’ based kid’s books that suit up to about 8yrs old.  They feature doing things with Mums and Dads  such as Duck shooting, Pig hunting, Fishing, Eeling, Whitebaiting, Catching the Possum, Feeding Calves, Collecting the Honey, Docking and Shearing lambs and building stuff, Chook House, Tree house, Go Kart, etc.  All things we did with our  parents and grandparents and have now done with our own children and grandchildren. It's all about growing up in rural NZ.  There are many more stories to come, including by popular request some featuring Grandparents too.

They are written by Peter Hills with a touch of subtle kiwi humour that parents love as well. With a police and farming background and plenty of life experience, Peter has a never ending supply of ideas for new books. Mums and Dads are generally the hero and lets face it all kids need hero's in their lives.  The series is titled Me and Dad which is a catchy title, grammatically incorrect, yes. But it is just a title. Throughout the books correct grammar is maintained.  Teachers are really warming to these books as they are helping children to develop a love of reading. This applies especially to reluctant readers as they associate with the story line. These books are posted to all corners of the world by parents , grandparents, aunties and uncles to keep kids who are living overseas in touch with their Kiwi roots. The editor Nikki Crutchley from Cambridge, does a great job in making sure the books are fit for purpose. Gary Gibson in Wellington is the illustrator and his high quality work within these books really does add to the story. Printed by Smith Print also in Wellington on glossy high quality paper with a text size that children can easily read.  These books truly  are 100%  kiwi written, edited, illustrated and printed  right here in New Zealand.


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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
114459 Me and Dad Kids Books Ltd Me and Mum Build a Playhouse
114461 Me and Dad Kids Books Ltd Me and Mum Buy the Pony
114458 Me and Dad Kids Books Ltd Me and Dad Buy the Tractor
114460 Me and Dad Kids Books Ltd Me and Dad save the stream


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