Mead In New Zealand Ltd

We are a boutique meadery, producing small batches of hand crafted mead from local ingredients, based in the heart of the Auckland wine producing region.

Mead in New Zealand®. Does our name make you smile? It made me smile…well, actually I laughed out loud the moment the name popped into my head! Our mead is indeed made in New Zealand, Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud…godzown to most New Zealanders. This fair and beautiful land known for its majestic mountains, bountiful oceans, lush green terrain………Hobbits……and rather magnificent wines. Our wine is as yet in the making. Its creation began with locally sourced honey and spring water drawn from New Zealand’s oldest aquifer. It now journeys through the magical, mysterious alchemical processes of fermentation and maturation and will, when all the signs, the omens, are aligned emerge as the drink of royalty, a golden ambrosia.......mead just for you.



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