Medallion 2010 Limited

Established in 1975, Medallion Pet foods is one of the oldest pet food businesses in New Zealand. Based in Waipukarau, Central Hawkes’ Bay, Medallion Pet foods is a mid-size business specialising in the slaughter of pasture reared New Zealand sheep and cattle for pet food, and manufacturing retail dog food products for New Zealand working farm dogs and quality pet food for urban pets.

Under our own proprietary brands of STAMINA, PERFECT Grain Free, PERFECT Deli Fresh, WORK DOG and High Country, we offer chilled, frozen and ambient pet food products, all made in New Zealand using a high fresh meat content to provide a good quality, natural diet.



+64 06 8589899

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120752 PERFECT Dog roll PERFECT Deli Fresh
120751 PERFECT Dog roll PERFECT Grain Free dog roll
120754 STAMINA STAMINA dog food
120753 WORK DOG WORK DOG roll 2.2kg


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