Metal Construction Co (1989) Limited

We are a Metalworking Company Based in Wellington. Family owned and operated since 1947 we have been delivering a wide range of quality and innovative Metalwork to our loyal customers over three generations.

From Electrical Cabinets, Flashings, Sheet Metal, Structural Steel, Watercutting, Folding, Stainless Steel, Copper/Brass and other Materials, Balustrades and Handrails we can do it all! 

To make our products locally here has always been special - from the sourcing of materials through NZ businesses, Employment of local staff, and then Supply to our customers there is something special just about that process. We have the ability inhouse to take ideas from Conception, Design, Fabrication and then in-house install teams or delivery from workshop - we really -  Do it all! 






+64 04 4992494

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120222 Metcon Outdoor HP1/HPB1 Meterbox 340 x 340 With/Without Window
120223 Metcon Outdoor HP2/HPB2 Meterbox 490 x 340 With/Without Window
120224 Metcon Outdoor HP3/HPB3 Meterbox 490 x 490 With/Without Window
120225 Metcon Outdoor HP4/HPB4 Meterbox 645 x 490 With/Without Window
120226 Metcon Outdoor HP6/HPB6 Meterbox 645 x 645 With/Without Window
120227 Metcon Outdoor HP7/HPB7 Meterbox 950 x 645 With/Without Window
120221 Metcon Outdoor Metcon Builders Temp - HBB1 RCD
120228 Metcon Indoor Metcon Data Cabinet - MDC Series
120229 Metcon Indoor Metcon Distribution Cabinet - MD Series
120232 Metcon Industrial Surrounds Metcon HIS Series - Industrial Surrounds With/Without Panel, With/Without Back
120230 Metcon Indoor Metcon Smart Meter Cabinet - MSM Series
120231 Metcon Indoor Metcon Smart Meter/Distribution Cabinet - MSMD Series


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