Milligans Food Group Ltd

A proud family owned and operated New Zealand business situated on the East Coast of the
South Island in Oamaru. Milligans Food Group is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers and
manufacture of food ingredients, consumer food and animal nutrition products. Milligans
began operations in 1896 as a Flour Mill in a small town 20km west of Oamaru called Ngapara.
Milligans Flour dominated the New Zealand market for over 100 years. Diversification has
been a strong factor in company growth over the years, leading to stock feed products,
Dairy Powders, Cheese and the acquisition of well known New Zealand brands Frosty Boy
and Granny Faye’s. Eventually flour production was discontinued, however the mill is still
operational with some stock feed products being produced.


+64 3 4341113

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116647 Eclipse Cheese
116649 Milligans Feeds Milligans Classic Calf Milk Replacer
116648 Granny Faye's Pancake Mixes


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