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If you are looking to diversify your menu, you cook ethnic dishes or need to find a high protein meat alternative. You have come to the right place. MooDew Paneer is high protein, high performance and excellent taste. Made with unprocessed milk from our own cows grazing on the green pastures of Southland.  Immediately the milk is harvested it is on its way to the factory, where in a few hours, the paneer is  vacuum packed and then freighted or couriered to you through out the country. MooDew has no fillers, whiteners, gums, starches or artificial preservatives or colours making it a unique product. We wholesale direct to restaurants and resellers or you can buy directly from us via our website or Facebook. Looking forward to being of service to you. 



+64 27 2703263

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
121278 Good Guise Paneer
122178 KESHHAV Paneer
117269 MooDew Paneer
121280 Good Guise Paprika Paneer Cubes
121279 Good Guise Queso fresco


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