Multi-Color (Christchurch) Limited

Hally Labels was established in 1965 by Ian and Pam Hally at a single site in Auckland, New Zealand, and we continue to ensure the Hally name can be proudly represented some 56 years later across our five sites in Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch and Sydney.

We have both digital offset and flexographic label presses which allow us to competitively provide both short and long run label orders, whether they be fully embellished product labels, or blank thermal labels.

Our strengths lie in our deep labelling expertise, strong Account Management and service, sophisticated Prepress and MIS systems, and our quality accreditations and environmental certifications. We are well positioned to tackle any labelling challenge and you will find our technical advice, support and our qualifications to be world-class.

Please refer to our website for more detail on who we are and the labels we make.


+64 9 5743999

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117828 Food Labels Custom labels for bakery, honey, sauces & condiments, dairy, fresh produce, dry goods, oils, etc.
117832 Industrial Labels Custom labels for chemicals, batteries, fertilisers, plastics, packaging, fasteners, joinery, etc.
117830 Beverage Labels Custom labels for craft beer, wine, spirits, cider, juice, milk, soft drink, water, kombucha, etc.
117834 Home and Personal Care Labels Custom labels for personal care, home & cleaning, cosmetics
117831 Nutraceutical Labels Custom labels for supplements, vitamins, sports nutrition, animal health, etc.
117833 Environmental Labels Custom labels printed on environmentally sustainable label materials
117829 Wine Labels Custom wine labels - specialised materials, full range of embellishments, short & long run
117826 Meat Labels Stock & custom labels, tags, inserts & seals for meat processors
117827 Thermal Labels Stock & custom thermal labels for retail, bakery, butchery, supermarket, meat processing, logistics


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