We make use of agricultural waste materials (sterilised barley straw and sterilised soy hulls) and turn into a deliciously healthy oyster mushroom. At the end of the growing cycle the spent mushroom substrate can be use as compost to enrich garden soil.

Our goal is to encourage Kiwi families, schools and local communities to learn how to grow our New Zealand endemic/native mushrooms variety rather than imported species.

It all began with my daughter's school sustainability project. Everything was so exciting, we got this perfect idea of growing oyster mushroom using waste materials (used coffee grounds free from my work cafe, cheap barley straw) and re-usable/recycled buckets. These mushrooms enjoy a terrific reputation as the most forgiving, easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious and medicinally supportive. We got hooked ever since!

We were amazed at how easy it was to grow premium quality, delicious mushrooms at home and decided to start manufacturing the mushroom kits for others to experience and enjoy.

Help us preserve our beautiful endemic/native mushrooms for future generations. Show your 100% support for the New Zealand ecology.

Available mushrooms include the gray coloured Pleurotus Pulmonarius, commonly known as the Indian Oyster, Italian Oyster, Phoenix Mushroom, or the Lung Oyster. Exquisite and flavourful, it can be served as raw or cooked lighty. Simply fry with butter garlic, add to salad or any favourite stir-fry and soup dishes.

Also, Pleurotus Parsonsiae, the white oyster mushroom, which is closely related to the pink flamingo oyster mushrooms. It has a meaty texture makes it an excellent substitute for meat.

Products : Grow it yourself mushroom kits in a variety of colours; refills; individual buckets; and gift boxes.



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