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NZ Naturally is a wholly New Zealand family owned and operated small business. It was established to bring premium sustainably sourced pure lanolin from New Zealand to a global audience via the click of a button. We have a passion for the raw beauty and goodness of New Zealand and want to share this natural purity through the high quality lanolin we offer.

'Sustainability' is not a just a buzzword used by NZ Naturally to help sell our products; it is one of the core beliefs that holds true for the products we sell. If the source of the product is not sustainable, we will not stock it. Simple as that. This is reflected in our brand values of Simple and Sustainable.

In an age of chemical-laden cosmetic and skin care products, NZ Naturally strives to buck the trend by bringing you our pure high quality lanolin products, with minimal plastic packaging and waste.

In a nutshell, we package New Zealand's purity and deliver it to your front door.


+64 022 629137

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